Best Things to Do in Harare

Hey there, fellow explorers and adventure seekers! If you’re craving a travel experience that’s a blend of culture, nature, and sheer excitement, Harare is your golden ticket. Nestled amidst Zimbabwe’s breathtaking landscapes, this dynamic capital city is more than just a dot on the map – it’s a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, an art lover, a foodie, or just someone in need of a change of scenery, Harare has got you covered. So, get ready to don your explorer’s hat, pack your curiosity, and let’s dive into a whirlwind of the top 20 things to do in Harare that’ll leave you spellbound.

1. Wander Through the National Gallery of Zimbabwe: Art Lover’s Paradise

Let’s kick off this adventure with a dose of creativity – the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. This cultural gem houses an impressive collection of contemporary African art. Wander through its halls and let the vibrant colors and diverse expressions of African artists ignite your imagination.

2. Marvel at the Mbare Musika Market: Authentic Market Experience

Ready for some local flavor? The Mbare Musika Market is a bustling hub of activity where you can experience the heartbeat of Harare. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, this market is a sensory playground that’ll immerse you in Zimbabwean culture.

3. Explore Harare Gardens: Urban Oasis

When in Harare, don’t miss a stroll through Harare Gardens – an oasis of green in the heart of the city. The tranquil pathways, colorful flower beds, and shaded spots are perfect for a leisurely walk, a picnic, or simply unwinding in nature’s embrace.

4. Savor Zimbabwean Cuisine: A Culinary Adventure

If your taste buds are tingling for something new, Zimbabwean cuisine is here to delight. Try sadza (maize porridge), biltong (dried meat), and a range of flavorful stews. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that’ll introduce you to the flavors of the land.

5. Take a Day Trip to Domboshava: Ancient Wonder

For a journey back in time, embark on a day trip to Domboshava. This rock formation, adorned with ancient rock paintings, offers a glimpse into Zimbabwe’s rich prehistoric heritage. Climb to the summit for panoramic views that’ll take your breath away.

6. Discover Avondale Flea Market: Thrift Shopper’s Delight

Calling all bargain hunters – the Avondale Flea Market is your paradise. From secondhand clothes to unique trinkets, this market is a treasure trove where you can hunt for vintage gems and score amazing finds at budget-friendly prices.

7. Soak in the Views from Kopje Hill: A Scenic Escape

For a panoramic view of Harare’s skyline, head to Kopje Hill. This rocky outcrop offers a vantage point that’s perfect for sunrise or sunset. As you watch the city’s lights flicker to life or fade into the night, you’ll feel a sense of serenity wash over you.

8. Unwind at Lake Chivero: Nature Lover’s Retreat

Ready to embrace nature’s embrace? Lake Chivero, just a short drive from Harare, is a peaceful retreat. Whether you’re into fishing, birdwatching, or simply picnicking by the water’s edge, it’s a chance to reconnect with the natural world.

9. Visit the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences: A Journey through Time

History buffs, gather ’round! The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences is a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts that span centuries. From ancient tools to traditional crafts, this museum offers a glimpse into Zimbabwe’s prehistoric and cultural past.

10. Explore the Epworth Balancing Rocks: Geological Marvel

Nature’s wonders take center stage at the Epworth Balancing Rocks. These unique rock formations, sculpted by erosion, are an iconic symbol of Zimbabwe. As you wander among these geological marvels, you’ll feel a sense of wonder at the forces of nature.

11. Experience Shona Sculpture at Chapungu Sculpture Park: Artistic Odyssey

For a unique artistic experience, head to Chapungu Sculpture Park. This open-air gallery showcases the beauty of Shona sculpture, a traditional art form that’s deeply rooted in Zimbabwean culture. Let the sculptures’ intricate details and cultural significance captivate you.

12. Get Lost in the Book Café: Literary Haven

Bookworms, this one’s for you – the Book Café. This cozy literary hub offers a blend of books, live music, and cultural events. Grab a cup of coffee, lose yourself in a good read, and let the creative atmosphere inspire you.

13. Attend a Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) Event: Cultural Extravaganza

If you’re lucky enough to be in Harare during the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), you’re in for a treat. This annual event celebrates music, dance, theater, and visual arts from around the world, turning the city into a cultural melting pot.

14. Discover Mbizi Game Park: Wildlife Adventure

Ready to encounter Zimbabwe’s wildlife up close? Mbizi Game Park, located on the outskirts of Harare, offers a chance to spot animals like giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. Whether you’re on a game drive or a guided walking safari, the park’s natural beauty is bound to leave you in awe.

15. Shop at the African Craft Market: Authentic Souvenirs

For a shopping experience that’s brimming with authentic crafts and souvenirs, head to the African Craft Market. From colorful fabrics to hand-carved wooden figurines, this market offers a chance to support local artisans and take a piece of Zimbabwe home with you.

16. Pay a Visit to the National Heroes Acre: Tribute to Heroes

For a dose of national pride, visit the National Heroes Acre. This monument and museum pay tribute to Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and its heroes. The towering statue and the eternal flame are a symbol of the nation’s resilience and sacrifice.

17. Immerse Yourself in Chitungwiza Arts Centre: Creative Exploration

Art enthusiasts, rejoice! The Chitungwiza Arts Centre is a haven for artistic expression. From traditional dance to contemporary visual arts, this center showcases the diversity of Zimbabwean creativity. Get ready to be inspired by the cultural vibrancy.

18. Attend a Cricket Match at Harare Sports Club: Sports Fan’s Haven

If you’re a sports enthusiast, catching a cricket match at the Harare Sports Club is a must-do. Feel the excitement as you join the crowd’s cheers, enjoy the camaraderie, and experience the thrill of a live game.

19. Explore Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary: Feathered Friends’ Haven

Birdwatchers and nature lovers, this one’s for you – the Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary. Home to a variety of bird species, this sanctuary offers bird shows, interactions with birds of prey, and a chance to appreciate Zimbabwe’s avian diversity.

20. Dive into the Nightlife at Pablo’z Club: Party the Night Away

When the sun sets, Harare’s nightlife comes alive at places like Pablo’z Club. Dance to the rhythm of the music, mingle with locals and fellow travelers, and experience the vibrant energy that’ll keep you moving ’til the early hours.

And there you have it – a whirlwind guide to the top 20 things to do in Harare. From cultural explorations to natural retreats, artistic inspirations to wildlife encounters, this city offers a tapestry of experiences that’ll ignite your sense of wonder. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let Harare weave its magic around you. As you immerse yourself in Zimbabwe’s captivating capital and create memories that’ll last a lifetime, remember that Harare isn’t just a destination – it’s an invitation to explore, experience, and embrace the heart of Zimbabwe. Happy travels, and may your Harare adventure be filled with joy, discovery, and stories to share for years to come!

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